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Use-Case Scenarios

  • High speed local data cache solution. As SOP is lightweight and provides high speed data management and access, it is a great fit for implementing Application caching solution. EF 2nd level cache provider bundled in the SOP zip file is a great example of this use-case. If you are adventurer, SOP can also be used to implement your clustered, network Caching solution. All you need is to be able to network a set of Services running on multiple Hosts, implement your master/slave topology, and use SOP as a "stateful" RAM virtualizer/extender. Low footprint setup for such a network cache solution.
  • OS/Kernel level DB engine. Since SOP footprint is very low, all API calls are local calls, it can be included part of the OS kernel and provide low-level scalable & stable indexing, data management and access functionalities such as in implementing System Registry, file indexing/searching, etc...
  • Use SOP to implement the next RDBMS, create a Server using SOP for data persistence, add SQL dialect & structure(table & row "objects") support, ACID transactions, ODBC driver for the client, etc... and you have an RDBMS that can support Objects interaction directly (zero/minimal mapping latencies) & optional SQL access layer for legacy/3rd party tools integration
  • Use SOP to create an embedded DB in your application, following are some sample cases SOP had been used in past by previous Customers:
    • designing an enterprise, highly distributed multi-machine applications/Data scaling solution. Use your favorite large DB repository (e.g. - RDBMS, Hadoop/MongoDB) as final data destinations and use SOP embedded DB(s) local to your Applications for minimized network traffic (or over the wire transmission) to support Scaling.
    • document indexing embedded DB. i.e. - create your document index generator app, package SOP data files as read-only files on CDs/DVDs, and use SOP DLL as the document index reader for viewing the indexed documents. SOP has facilities for supporting read-only access essential for being able to work on read-only devices such as CDs/DVDs, it is lightweight and can be setup for use on different Hosts in the network reading on the same shared read-only devices/folders.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural net "thoughts" database. SOP's unique features make it highly adapted for use as AI/neural net DB. Entity schema/version flexible & hierarchical Store - SOP doesn't limit Entity schema evolution and allows different version side-by-side existence/use in the Store without affecting performance. Object Stores are hierarchical, dynamically managed (CRUD) and treated just like ordinary entities themselves in their Containers, no limit in nesting, can be stored with other entities, managed/queried in high speed, etc... This SOP Entity/Store structure and mentioned performance (scalability & reliability in time) are great fit for organizing, managing and querying thoughts.
    • Game database engine - SOP is a great fit for use as a robust (reliable, lightweight, low-footprint, scalable/high performant) embedded database engine for your favorite game/game platform(e.g. - Unity, XBox SDK, etc...). Manage (persist) & query your game objects (player(s) "state" info, characters, levels/scenes/map info, et al), preferences & other game information with no requirement to learn another complicated API, no need to provide application level caching as SOP does that built-in & no need for database configuration/administration, use the "very simple" & intuitive SOP code library with zero administration req'd and focus on the job of authoring the game, not the plumbing.
    • etc - domain use of SOP is limited only by your imagination.
  • Future use-case: enhance SOP to support data Store horizontal sharding and add clustering functionalities to SOP (Server) and voila, it can suddenly support multi-machine, non-SQL humongous database setup. But with all the added benefits of SOP's optimal B-Tree (+ data driver) indexing technology. Due to SOP's low-footprint and optimal performance(on RAID/multiple HDDs, caching, etc...), combined with .Net framework's cool features (language independence, industry standards compliance (WCF), etc...), a Humongous/Big-Data solution using this technology will be so much superior/maintainable (e.g. - require less # of machines & "machine horsepower", easily keep up support for industry protocol standards, etc...) than a comparable solution using other technologies. Pls. feel free to inquire us about this feature, our Sponsorship program allowing prioritization of sponsor selected feature(s) and consultancy projects. We accept customization/enhancement consultancy work using/enhancing SOP for solving company specific domain use.

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