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Sample Programs

  • EFCachingProvider.ScalableCache - a fully functional Entity Framework 2nd level caching provider implemented using SOP. MicroStressTest unit test module is able to perform in less than 10 minutes in an old laptop on initial run, succeeding runs are way faster (6 minutes and in some cases less than 2 minutes using the same machine). NOTE: all 1.5 million records (max) are persisted and "managed" (CRUD) across about 250 concurrent threads and across about 28 object Stores!
  • EFCachingProvider.Tests - contains unit tests extracted from InMemoryCacheTests written by EF Caching provider authors. These unit tests were used to test and measure EFCachingProvider.ScalableCache performance.
  • Collection 400 - this is a sample program showcasing SOP's performance and capability in managing huge number of object Stores (data table in SQL world). Set "CollCount" variable (defaults to 40) to your desired number and this program will populate 5,000 entities each Store and read them all in high speed.
  • ManageMultipleFiles - showcases how to create/manage multiple File objects
  • MultipleTransactions - showcases multiple ObjectServers having a different transaction each Server
  • NestedSortedDictionary - showcases nesting multiple object Stores under the same container
  • PeopleDirectory - showcases a typical business use, data storage/management/queries of objects in Stores.
  • PeopleDirectoryLargeDB - showcases bulk insertion (~10 minutes in an old laptop!) and bulk reading (~3 minutes!) of 5 million records on two object Stores (2.5 mil each)
  • PeopleDirectoryWithUpdateLargeDBLitePersistence - showcases CRUD (insert, read, update, delete) operations, entity is serialized using SOP's proprietary method. Generated data file is about one tenth of the data file if using Xml Serialization (default). Performance is also about 4 times faster (at least). This program doesn't do bulk I/O in about 50,000 record update, delete, read operations which was used to stress SOP AND yet maintain the high level of performance (Scale!).
  • VirtualCache - showcases using SOP object Store as RAM extender (MemoryExtender Preference variable is set). i.e. - not using a transaction and data file is deleted upon program restart.
  • BayWind - showcases another typical business use, data management.
  • BayWindBrowser - a winform app putting a UI for allowing user to browse/manage BayWind database.

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