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Scalable Object Persistence (SOP) Framework version 4.5 is a code library that enables simple & scalable data persistence.

Unique in its design, it is probably one of the few if not the 1st attempt to provide a platform (or framework) for "surfacing" innards of data persistence so programmers can be armed with all the necessary "coding" tools/points of interceptions so they can author varied and most of the time, domain specific database management applications.

This current release of SOP enables most typical use-cases ranging from light to medium/medium heavy data usages in the enterprise.

Programmers can use SOP code library to author typical object/data persistence, minus the Enterprise feature-set as described in bottom below. This release also comes bundled with "scalable" Entity Framework 2nd level caching provider implemented using SOP code library. Data caching such as this use-case was found to be a great fit for SOP framework, it just shows the "muscle , fine grained control and flexibility" SOP provides to programmers for authoring otherwise hard to impossible to implement solutions. We hope the number of "general purpose" implementations we can provide such as this EF caching provider will increase in time and thus, provide high value right out of the box.

Enterprise Data persistence features such as horizontal sharding of data Stores, SOP Server cluster, etc... are not included in this release.

Pls. refer to my website: for further details and technical support services that are available.
Enjoy coding! ;)

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