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Welcome to SOP Framework!

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See our high speed & scalable Entity Framework 2nd Level Cache Provider: EF 2nd Level Cache Provider

Basic Functionalities

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Fine tuning via Preferences

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Multiple Readers, Single Writer Store

v4.8 now supports this feature!

Due to popular request, an interim release (version 4.7) will be created that support multi-instance Reader for a Store where different threads of execution will be allowed to read data concurrently with no locking required and a Store lock for Writers where only one thread will be allowed to write per Store (other thread writing on another Store will run concurrently). In current version 4.5, RAM & Disk virtualization keeps threading performance scalable as well as most operations are quick and done in-memory. However, there were requests on adding this cool feature as next stop before the SOP server is tackled.

Multi-Threading Model

Thread Lock on Object Store. Each thread having a lock on Object Store will execute concurrently and safely as with other threads having lock on other Stores. SOP ensures the Store container will not be corrupted although different threads execute concurrently and managing/accessing its own Store each.
Store's Locker member has Lock/UnLock methods usable in code for implementing a mutex lock/unlock pattern.
A very basic code illustrating Store lock across two concurrently running threads:
var storeFactory = new Sop.StoreFactory();
var store = storeFactory.Get<int, string>(server.SystemFile.Store, "MyDictionary");

// on Thread 1:
// on Thread 2:

//.. other code omitted for brevity

private void Manage(Sop.ISortedDictionary<int, string> store)
    store.Add(1, "Hello World!");
    store.Add(2, "Foo Bar");
    //... other code to do CRUD operations on store


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Future Features

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Sample Programs

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