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Banking (ACID) transaction type support


Support for ACIDic Transactions, those types req'd by financial institutions, can be supported in SOP. However, due to resource availability, this feature has been put in the back burner.

So far, SOP satisfies the needs of NoSql/Document type data storage engines. Being modeled in a pyramid type of design/dev't, ACID transaction features will sit on the higher slope of the SOP feature set.

ACID solution preview:
•Create new Store & Transaction artifacts representing a client "session".
•All data modifications & data read within the session is stored/managed in the client session SOP stores.
•During commit, changes on these client session artifacts are submitted for synchronization with the "master" SOP data stores.
•Conflicts with other session changes will cause Transaction rollback.

ACID transactions is anticipated to be supported two major version release away. As SOP gets enhanced, completed per its Query engine & Store parallelism feature set.

It is a good timing to incorporate ACID designs as SOP is ported to Azure cloud, as a native Azure database engine.